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Hypnotherapy for  depression

Hypnotherapy is recognised as the single most powerful therapeutic tool for breaking the negative states of anxiety and depression.

Low mood and depression often start gradually, building up slowly so that it may take some time before you realise anything is wrong. Many of us feel low from time to time but sometimes these feelings are prolonged and can be overwhelming. Often your work, social or family life may be affected. 

There are many symptoms and they range in severity. You may feel very low, unable to enjoy the things you usually would, be withdrawn and feel stuck in a pattern of negative thinking. Some people lack motivation and energy or find it hard to concentrate and make decisions. You may have symptoms of anger, hopelessness, guilt or  irritability. Often sleep patterns are affected too, you may sleep too much or wake early. 

We will work together to break the cycle of depression, to make you feel like you again.  During our sessions together you will notice a profound shift in the way your think, the way you feel and the way your behave. This will help you begin to view and deal with problems differently and I will support you in making gradual positive changes. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy encourages the flow of beneficial neurotransmitters in the brain that will help you feel happier and cope better with life.  

Contact me today for an initial consultation to find out how we work together to overcome your low mood and enjoy life again.

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